Why You Should Wake Up Early

Rolling out of a warm, soft bed can be a struggle sometimes, but that’s instant gratification, we want long term. Get over the comfort because that doesn’t last, but built discipline and how you treat your body does. One way to combat the comfy feeling of a cozy bed is to just get out. Kind of like diving into a pool, just jump in. The morning you hesitate and try and create a feeling out period, the more time you waste.After getting out of the bed, reward yourself by doing some stretches that will not only feel good, but wake you up and get your body ready for the rest of the day. While you sleep, you really don’t move much, and while is nice on the muscles, it also makes them stiff. Stretching is good way to wake those muscles up. When you first get out of bed, reach for the sky. Lift your arms up and see how close your finger tips are away from the ceiling.

After a good 10 seconds of hands in the air like you don’t care, start stretching the side of your torso by trying to lean all the way one way, then slowly going back to vertical, then to the other way.

Once you’ve got your arms and torso warmed up, now comes the back and the legs. Keeping your legs straight (as straight as you comfortably can) reach town and touch your toes. This stretches the legs as we as your back, which could use some motion after laying for (hopefully) 8 hours.

Hold the toe position for 10 full breaths, slowly lift your trunk up and hold there for a few seconds before slowly reaching back down to your toes. After only doing this a few times, you’ll be reaching down farther than you thought.

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